Debt Collection

Norton-Lambrianos Attorneys is one of the leading debt collection companies in South Africa, specialising in the recovery of commercial claims and consumer debt. At any given time, our call centre seats 200 highly trained debt collection agents who are focused on recovering debts efficiently and ethically.

More than three decades of debt collecting experience has enabled us to streamline our processes in line with our clients’ individual needs. Our debt collectors are skilled in the latest debt recovery processes, software and practices, and use these to devise the most suitable collections strategy for each client.

Debt collection systems, technology and applications

We currently use two specific debt collection applications that are fully integrated and allow for the seamless flow of accounts between soft collections (pre-legal) and hard collections (legal processes). These are the AJS Legal Collection System and Excalibur:

These are:

AJS Legal Collection System, which has been an industry leader in the provision of large volume legal collections systems for 30(thirty) years. The system utilizes the IBM Universe database which is a robust multi-value capable RDBMS environment. The system is delivered as a client server application and incorporates for general ledger functionality, audit trailing, bulk document generation, SMS’ing, email, rule driven business process as well as diary functionality.

Excalibur, is an application for pre legal collections and is built on a sequel database utilising a .NET web frontend. The system caters for the processing of large volumes of delinquent accounts and is fully integrated into our dialler technology.

A full collection process from early delinquencies up to, and including, the legal procedure is offered through both of our collection systems.

Our telephony architecture comprises of a predictive and preview dialler. This highly intelligent predictive dialling solution dramatically increases calling efficiencies and uses advanced real-time algorithms to present ‘live’ calls to our agents.

The Predictive Dialler provides us with the following:

  • Powerful and flexible dialling options – also performs in Power Dial, Preview Dial or Manual modes.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Campaigns.
  • Flexible Area code programming.
  • Retains full dialler contact result information.
  • Highly accurate Call Progress Analysis.
  • Monitoring of system and trunk response levels.
  • Provides service level alerts to management.

Furthermore to ensure call quality and limit disputes the voice logger is configured and supplies a wide range of features in support of the aforementioned.

Secure debt collection data downloads & client integration

Data retrieved by our agents is passed between ourselves and our clients using secure platforms such as encrypted email, FTP or direct link via Diginet or VPN. These systems are set up entirely at the discretion of the client.
Information received from our clients, pertaining to the debt collection or debt recovery process, is electronically uploaded into the systems with full status reporting of imports. Any return information or electronic feeds given to clients are customised according to system-specific requirements.

Debt collection reporting

Both debt collecting systems are fully ODBC compliant, which allows us to pull data for warehousing and analytical reporting using a range of products. These include (but are not limited to) Crystal Reports, MS Access and SQL.
Client-specific debt collecting reports are custom designed and implemented for each client, which enables us to deliver information in a format that is familiar to each client.

We furthermore offer a consulting service to clients to assist them in the formatting of reports. This makes a valuable contribution to the management of clients’ own portfolios, as well as those of external agents.

The Norton-Lambrianos debt recovery methodology

As one of the top debt collection agencies in South Africa, Norton-Lambrianos maintains a solid understanding of the latest debt collection techniques and processes. These are applied appropriately to every case.
Some of the processes that are built into our debt collecting strategies include:

  • Outbound telephone campaigns
  • SMS & MMS campaigns
  • Inbound calls as a result of outbound calls and SMS
  • Mail shots from our letter library and debt collectors’ requested correspondence
  • Tracing

Our call centre specialises in the collection of large volumes of consumer debt on a contingency basis, with up to 200 agents on call at any given time.

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